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@CA_DMV Engages Public on Twitter

Socializing, engaging, and providing customer service to online communities have always been foreign territory for most government agencies.  Nonetheless, DMV continues to innovate and modernize the way today’s consumers are serviced.  Part of that innovation process includes utilizing social media tools and venturing in new ground breaking territories of technology.  By doing so, DMV has begun engaging with the public on Twitter.

DMV began its Twitter pilot program in July 2010.  At the introduction of the program, DMV had a total of 1,634 followers on Twitter prior to officially engaging with the public.  Since then, the number of followers has increased to 1,742.  Within the first month, DMV “tweeted” an average of 38 messages per week and for every tweet sent including retweets, the message was received by an average of 1,951Twitter users.  Since the start of the start of the pilot program, DMV has directly responded to 43 tweets.  Generally, the department responds to tweets associated with the length of time to process a driver license, identification card, interpretation of law, or registration renewal.  The first month of this pilot has not been without its challenges.  Nonetheless, the department has a better understanding of how to read and craft tweets from this experiences and the overall response from the community has been very positive.

The Department encourages Twitter users to follow the DMV’s Twitter account for announcements, up-to-date news, information, and answers to the DMV related questions.  DMV is available for response between the hours of 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. PST., Monday through Friday (excluding furloughs).  DMV strives to respond to all department related inquiries as soon as

One Response

  1. I a registered California driver and i have questions about the legal requirement for front vehicle license plates. Are they required? Have any statistics been collected on hit and run vehicles corelating absence of front plate perpetrators. I have noticed that plateless veicles are mostly black, newer vehicles, highend models, frequently blacked out windows, sport muscle pickup trucks etc. They tend to be fast drivers and tailgaters.I would be interested to have some insight into the particulars of my observations. Thank you in advance to any replys.

    I think there should be some regulation legislaton on this matter.

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