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Top 3 Ways to Make Sure Your Team Wins This Sunday

Drinking and the Super Bowl go hand in hand for a lot of fans, but drinking, driving, and death have an unfortunately close relationship as well. Just short of 10,000 people died in alcohol-related crashes in 2014, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

That’s a scary statistic we don’t want you to become a part of this weekend. We’d rather you focus on pass completions and sacks!

Make the right play on Super Bowl weekend: Don’t drive drunk, and don’t let others drive drunk.

OK, full disclosure: We don’t have any special juju we can offer your favorite sports team to take home the trophy. But if you’re planning on attending or hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday, we do have a few suggestions to make sure your team — your friends and family glued to the big screen with you — win … at life.

Take these 3 smart moves and add them to your playbook for a safe Super Bowl:

  1. Before Sunday, make a plan that includes a sober ride home. Consider using a ride share app to get where you’re going to begin with — that way there’s not even an option for a stupid, drunken choice later.
  2. Pace yourself if you’re drinking during the game. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water or soda. Be sure not to forget the food — chicken wings, jalapeño poppers, pretzels — whatever your spread selection may be. And when the third quarter ends, end your drinking. They’ll be doing it at Levi Stadium, you can do it, too!
  3. Remember, this is a team sport. If you see someone about to drive impaired, don’t be afraid to throw the flag or intercept those car keys! Help find them a safe way home.
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