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Dare to DMV at the L.A. County Fair

Angelenos! Do you Dare to Fair? Us too! 🙂


If you’re headed to the L.A. County Fair, opening Labor Day weekend and going through September 25, plan for a pit stop at the DMV booth in Building 4.

Amid the Ferris wheels and funnel cakes, you’ll also have an opportunity to get to know DMV Now. DMV Now is a self-service terminal with a touchscreen that guides you through your vehicle registration process. You can pay for and receive your new license plate tags instantly! No lines, no mail, no fuss!

If it’s time for you to renew, simply bring your notice or current registration card with you to the fair. Then stop by our booth, check out DMV Now and get your new sticker—printed for you right there, right then!

Not time for new tags just yet? Not a problem! You can still take DMV Now for a test-drive to see what it has to offer and how easy it is to use.

As always, we’ll be right there to answer any questions you may have, whether it’s about DMV Now or any other DMV-related business.

Come see us and DMV Now at the L.A. County Fair in Building 4. We dare you!

DMV and Donate Life Celebrate a Decade of Partnership


DMV employees across the state donned specially designed polo shirts this week to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of DMV’s partnership with Donate Life California.

When you pay a visit to your local DMV field office, you have the power to save lives.

Today marks 10 years of partnership with Donate Life California. Since 2006, we’ve worked together to offer DMV customers applying for a new or renewed driver license or ID the opportunity to become organ and tissue donors.

Some stats worth celebrating from our decade of teamwork:

  • An average of 20,000 new Californians register as donors every week
  • More than 13.2 million have registered as a result of DMV’s participation
  • 95% of all registrants to Donate Life are submitted through DMV

Checking “yes” on your driver license or ID application allows us to link you directly to the Donate Life Organ & Tissue Donor Registry—designated by that life-changing, life-saving pink dot on your license or ID card.

George Becker had that important designation. He signed up as a donor through DMV when he was 16, first getting his driver license. Six years later, a severe infection would take his life. But in turn, George gave three others.

Graduation outside-square

Organ recipient Alfonso Garcia at his college graduation ceremony.

When a rare genetic disorder wreaked havoc on 15-year-old Alfonso Garcia’s body, his liver began to shut down almost overnight. George’s gift changed all of that. His liver saved Alfonso’s life, and other organs would save two additional lives. In May of this year, Alfonso graduated from the University of San Francisco. He, his family and his donor family have all volunteered hundreds of hours for organ donation outreach. (Read more about Alfonso and George’s story here.)

We are more than proud to commemorate the anniversary of such a successful, and truly vital, collaboration.

Here’s to another decade of saving lives!

To register online today, visit donatelifecalifornia.org.

The Dad Is in the Details

With Father’s Day upon us, DMV wanted to take a closer look at who and what the special day is celebrating.

Sure, we all know it’s a day for dads. But what does that mean?

To find out, we gathered a handful of our employees who, outside of their daily duties, have taken on one of the biggest jobs of them all—fatherhood—and asked for their thoughts. It’s their day, after all!


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Happy Father’s Day to our DMV dads and all the proud papas out there!

These Go to 11: DMV Wins Big at SiOC Awards

When it comes to government communications, the California DMV knows how to turn it up a notch.

Whether online or in print, we strive to provide interesting, informative and valuable information to our customers and employees alike.

We know the benefit of social media as a space to extend our customer service, encouraging customer feedback and two-way conversation.

We recognize the importance of recorded and live-streaming video to aid in explaining the sometimes complicated policies and processes surrounding vehicle licensing and ownership.

We understand the value of sharing our story — and our history — through pictures.

And last, but certainly not least, we get the need to keep evolving when it comes to communicating with California.

Last week, our efforts were recognized at the California State Information Officers Council SiOC awards, an annual event aimed at recognizing excellence in state government communications.

DMV took home (proudly, we might add!) 11 awards in total, earning 6 Gold and 5 Silver commendations across the various categories:

Opinon, Editorial or Guest Column – gold
Speech – gold
Script – gold

Audio-Visual Productions
Video: Training or Education – silver

Technical Illustration or Drawing – silver
Brand Identity Project – silver
Photography – silver

Special Projects
Event – gold

Internet Communications
Social Media Outreach – silver
Webinar and Live Web Event – gold

Best Bang for Your Buck
Best Product Impact Under $1,500 – gold

Are you connected with us? If you haven’t already, check out the various ways to join the  online conversation.



DMV raises $$$ for babies during March of Dimes campaign


It’s been a fun and fruitful couple of months at DMV!

Each year, department employees take part in the annual March of Dimes campaign, helping raise money for research to save and improve the lives of babies born prematurely by collecting donations and purchasing snacks and toys to benefit the nonprofit. The March-April fundraiser culminated in one final March for Babies walk at the state Capitol this past weekend.

The turnout was fabulous! More than 100 employees from DMV’s headquarters in Sacramento took time out of their weekends to brave the windy conditions alongside friends, family and other organizations to show their support.

From kickoff to the finish line, HQ employees alone raised almost $38,000 for this year’s campaign. And all of the numbers have yet to be crunched — field offices statewide held their own fundraisers and walks throughout the campaign that will bring DMV’s overall contribution even higher!

Great work, Team DMV!

DMV Recognized at 2016 Green California Summit


DMV received recognition for its longtime support of the Green California Summit.

The DMV seal may be gold and blue, but these days, green is playing a big part in our business model.

Last week, DMV was recognized at this year’s Green California Summit and Exposition for our ongoing participation and long-standing support of California’s sustainability goals.

Thousands of representatives from the private and public sector gathered for the two-day event, held at the Sacramento Convention Center, to share information on innovative green and sustainable industry practices—and we pulled up right alongside.

“In the past decade, the DMV has been a proud outreach partner at the annual Green California Summit and Exposition,” said Cindy Dangberg, Summit Director of Green Technology. DMV Director Jean Shiomoto also serves as a member of the Green California Summit & Exposition Advisory Board.

Green Technology recognized DMV’s participation, spanning all 10 years of the summit’s history.


DMV’s “Ten Years and Growing” display at the 2016 Green California Summit.

Lots of hard work went into setting up this year’s booth, highlighting the department’s achievements in sustainable energy and environmental design goals. This year’s theme was “Ten Years and Growing,” and included a video display that focused on DMV’s adoption of sustainable green building and development practices. In recent years, five DMV field offices have attained the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification Award.

“It’s been wonderful for the DMV to be able to feature its award-winning sustainable accomplishments,” said Calvin Jefferson, Sustainable Operations Coordinator. “We’ve been there since the beginning.”

The Leap Day Dilemma

Happy birthday, Leapers, from all of us at the California DMV!

Leap Day! A day that comes only once every four years. For most of us, it simply means an extra 24 hours in still the shortest month. But for the rare few born on February 29 (>200,000 in the U.S.), it means but a single birthday every 1,461 days. Beyond an excuse for friends to skip out on gift obligations, it can complicate things on official levels, too. What happens when a leap year baby applies for their ID or driver license?

Luckily, they don’t have to wait until they’re 64  in “normal” years to operate a motor vehicle. While leap year babies don’t technically have a birthday on the calendar every year, those 365 days when the earth revolves around the sun work well enough by legal standards to determine when they turn 16…ish.

There is no hard and fast rule in a non-leap year as to whether February 28 or March 1 qualifies as the correct time to +1 yourself. We say don’t sweat it when, say, grabbing that free bday meal at Denny’s—but we’d recommend playing it safe and sticking with the latter for those bigger, definitive milestones (age of majority or legal drinking age, for example).

And what about expiration dates, since a California license or ID always expires on the person’s birth date? We try to be as true to life as possible there, too.

“A person born on February 29 with a driver license or ID that expires in a leap year, we’ll use the same date, February 29,” says DMV spokesperson Jessica Gonzalez. “If it expires in a regular year, we’ll use February 28 as the expiration date.”