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Does My Mustang Need to be Smogged?

ImageBuddy the Mustang. and yes, he’s FAST!

Not the REAL kind, but then those do require some hay and a few carrots.  However, if you own a Ford Mustang in California (or any other kind of car, for that matter) chances are you need to get a smog certificate every other year.

Once you receive the friendly reminder in the mail (yes, DMV tries to be nice about it) that you need a smog certificate, start that task immediately.  Don’t wait! Try not to put it off until the last minute like you did with your homework! (Well, some of us did, anyway).

Go down to your local smog check station first thing to get your car smogged,  and get your smog certificate.  Then,  go online to DMV.ca.gov and pay your registration fee.  The smog check station will electronically send your certificate to the DMV and you will receive your tags and registration card in the mail in a few weeks.  If you don’t, give us a call as soon as you can at 800.777.0133.

Yikes, I’m Late!

We know, life happens and that renewal notice that’s been buried under your other bills suddenly pops into your head and to your horror, you realize it’s due TODAY and you didn’t get your car smogged!  Get online and pay your fee right now to avoid penalties.  Stop reading this and go pay it!  What are you doing still reading this? We’ll wait…Go!

Avoid the Aspirin

So, the moral of this story is to start working on getting your smog certificate the minute you get your renewal notice, which is sent to you 60 days in advance.  That’s  plenty of time to get things worked out, just in case the unspeakable happens and your car fails the smog test.   Handling it immediately will also give you plenty of time if you have to make any repairs before you’re registration is due, too.  If your car fails the smog test, and your tags have expired, and you didn’t get your car fixed in time, you can bring in the failed smog test report and pay $50 for a 60-day Temporary Operating Permit.  Just bring in proof that you failed your smog test (it can’t be more than 30 days old).

After reading this, you may opt for the actual mustang as your mode of transportation, but you’ll have to leave for work a lot earlier!