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Vehicle Registration Due? Let DMV Remind You!

With our lives as hectic as ever these days, it’s easy to forget when our vehicle registration is up for renewal. It’s even easier to misplace the paper renewal notice we receive prior to when our vehicle registration is due.

Worry no more! DMV online now gives you the option to sign up for a Vehicle Registration E-mail Reminders (VRER), which lets you know when your vehicle is up for renewal. Upon signing up, you will receive an email reminder 30 days prior to your registration expiring and another email 7 days prior to expiration.

Opting in to the online program is easy, since all you have to do is add your vehicle and let DMV do the rest. The image below provides a glimpse of what you will see if you add a vehicle to your online profile. If you sell your vehicle or it is no longer in your possession, opting out of the program is just as quick! Can it get any simpler?


So let DMV make your life a little easier and remind you about your registration. Nearly 200,000 people have already opted in to receive renewal reminders via email. Still not sure if you want to sign up? Read our commonly asked VRER questions to learn more!